His Word
Who Is To Blame
The Sacred And The Profane
Praise Him In All Things
More Blessings
Now Is The Time
Desert Clothes
It Takes Time
Moving On
Be Sensitive
A Word In Season
Leading By Example
Conditional Promises
Anonymous Giving
It's Enough
Counting The Names
Refuge In Forgiveness
Watching Over You
Facing Your Fears
Who Is To Blame
Improper Desires
Be Ye Holy
Clinging To The Truth
Remembered Or Remembrance
Hidden Treasures In Egypt
Broken Tablets ~ Broken Relationships
Love And Forgiveness
Tough Love
And You Shall Love
What Do You Love
Growing Up
That You May Live
Strengthen Your Faith
What Kind Of Person Are You
What Can I Do For You
Stiff Neck
The First Man, Adam
Admonitions In Scripture
Why Was Aaron Punished
When In Doubt
Seek His Light
Desire His Commandments
Use Your Common Sense
Complete Surrender
Be Yourself
Spiritual Strength
Evaluate Properly
Examine Your Priorities
Choose Your Priorities
Be A Man
Be A Wise Man
Blaming Others
Trading Places
Proper Conduct
Keep Pure
More Land
Forty Days, Forty Years
Where Are You
Do Not Fear
As Rain
Hatred Without Cause
Peace In The Home
Great Love
Taking Risks
Tests And Spiritual Growth
Sustained By His Power
Turn And See
Be Ye Holy
Love Your Neighbor
Be Ye Perfect
Pursue Righteoness
Speaking The Truth
Be Sincere
Be Content
Be Trustworthy
True Gratitude
Love And Humility
Setting Priorities
Seeing The Word
Test of Character
The Year of Jubilee
It's A Daily Battle
Simpletons And Fools
Created In His Image
Showing Respect
Rest Among The Wise
See Your Dreams Fulfilled
No Competition
Keeping Records
Fault Finding
Listening To Evil Report
Are You Easily Offended
Uplifting Thoughts
It's Not About The Money
Accepting Responsibility
Clothes And Perfection
His Special Creation
Fear or Faith
Why Worry
Come Out
A Call To Separation
A Light To The Nations
The Praises of Yahveh
Be Compassionate
The Road To Success
You Are Special
The Fear of Yahveh
Righteous Giving
Helping The Poor
Speaking His Word
Gaining Wealth
No Coincidence
You Count
Receive Your Blessings
All Things Are Possible
Pray Without Ceasing
Speak To A Friend
Yahveh's Vessels
It Is Better
Long Life
Abraham's Wisdom
The Unexpected Witnesses
Measure For Measure
Seeking After Yahveh
Like A Baby
Consider Yourself Dead
Wandering or Traveling
Gaining Wisdom
Firm Trust
Concern or Worry
Divine Blessings
Face The Truth
Do Unto Others
When We Pray
Courage To Grow
The Power of Speech
Showing Gratitude
Sugar And Humility
Do The Right Thing
Real Forgiveness
The Pleasure of Forgiving
Love Relationship
Acts of Kindness
Say Something Nice
Never Stop Learning
The Value of Working
There Is Hope
Lest You Die
Now What
The Unusual Oath
Be Still

Part 1 ~ Taking Responsibility 

"They will confess their sins and the sins of their fathers for the treachery in which they have betrayed Me, and for having behaved towards me in a contrary manner. Therefore I too will behave towards them in a contrary manner, and I will bring them into the land of their enemies. Perhaps then their unfeeling heart will be humbled, and they will gain appeasement for their sins."
  Leviticus 26:40

So concludes the words of rebuke Yahveh communicated through Moses, regarding what would eventually happen to the Israelites upon abandoning the Torah in their Promised Land. However, traditional teaching of repentance does not seem to fit into the above. Here we read that Yahveh will continue to punish the Israelites even after they acknowledge their wrong-doings and confess them to the Almighty.

Why would Yahveh respond by intensifying Israel's persecution instead of accepting their repentance? 
Part 2 ~ Personal Accountability
Though the principles of repentance are scattered through the Torah, they are presented in the most detailed form in Ezekiel chapter 18.
"Our fathers ate sour grapes and the children's teeth are on edge. Behold (says Yahveh) all souls are Mine. As the father's soul belongs to Me, so the son's soul belongs to Me. It is the soul that actually sins that shall die. For Yahveh does not desire to impose death, if only he will return (repent), then he will live."  Ezekiel 18:2-4,32

This is the principle of personal responsibility and personal accountability before Yahveh. A person cannot excuse his conduct by blaming his background - 'it's the way I was brought up'. Those 'sour grapes' do not serve as a refuge for unacceptable behavior.
"They will confess their sins and the sins of their fathers, for having behaved towards Me in a contrary manner." 
Often, when we confess our own sins, we also bring up our fathers' sins, and blame our problems on our parents. Such excuses, says Ezekiel, are not true repentance. Rather, we add insult to injury by refusing to take responsibility for our faults, and shifting the blame onto someone else. Only when we become truly humble, will Yahveh remember His Covenant with Jacob. (Leviticus 26:41-42)
Humility lies in taking full responsibility for our shortcomings, by blaming no one but ourselves.